Preparation For a Property Shoot

Here are some pointers that will make the Real Estate Photoshoot go smoother, faster and the photos look even better.

Think of a newly built property dressed up with only the most necessary furniture to be in “showhouse” condition with minimal personal belongings.

Photos are the FIRST impression of the property, introducing the property to the market, attracting buyers which may then result in a successful sale …. take note of the following:

  1. General & Exterior
    • Consider the time of day for the shoot. The ideal is to have as much of the property in good light with less shadows. Early morning might be better for some, and afternoon could be better for others depending on how it is facing. The more light, the better. Blue skies with some clouds are always a winner for exterior photos.
    • Loadshedding is here to stay. Most interior and exterior photos look better with the lights on especially if the house is natural dark inside. Late afternoon / twilight photos need lights. Plan your photoshoot around this.
    • Gardens should be neat and watered as far as possible, refuse bags, bins, garden and other tools, rubble, cars, bikes, bicycles, toys, blankets, dog toys, dog poop etc should not be in the photos. 
    • Pools & jacuzzi’s should be open and clean and all cleaning equipment stored away. For twilight shoots the pool light has to be on. Water features should be on where possible. 
    • Garages should be closed.
    • Outside and garden lights should be on for Twilight shoots and all curtains should be opened.
    • Subtle bright colours in the garden and throughout the property can work really well. 
  2. Interiors 
    • All lights inside the property should be switched on, including bedside lamps, ovens, extractor fans etc.
    • Where possible all bulbs in lights fittings should be working and should be the same colour. 
    • All kitchen counter tops, coffee tables, TV cabinets, bedside tables, vanities, bathroom counters, bath, shower, bathroom shelves should be cleared of ALL personal belongings, books, magazines, newspapers, soaps and shampoos, dishes, cleaning equipment and chemicals, medicine, food, toiletries, dustbins, heaters, laundry baskets, laundry, toilet brushes, bath robes hanging behind doors, kitchen cloths, charging cables, multiplugs, air fresheners, lotions and creams etc. 
    • A fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen or bright flowers in the lounge or dining room can ad a nice touch of colour to the photos.
    • Minimum appliances to be visible on kitchen counters.  
    • Beds should be neatly made with minimum pillows, blankets and other distractions.
    • Bedroom floors should be cleared of toys (even under the bed), clothes, shoes and other personal belongings.
    • As a rule, all small floor carpets / mats are removed from bedrooms and bathrooms.
    • Blinds should be tilted open and curtains should be neatly drawn open.
    • TV and computer monitors should be switched off and all personal belongings, letters, invoices, documents in studies should be packed away.
    • As for as possible, all sliding doors, front door, back door & stack doors should be open.
    • Personal portraits and photos that you do not want to show on the internet should be removed or packed away (some may be edited out of the photos.)
  3. Final Tips
    • Although you will receive maybe 40 photos for a townhouse or 80 photos for an upmarket estate home, sometimes less is more. By only posting selected photos, potential buyers would be interested to see more. Creating interest is the key, not flooding them with photos.
    • Photos should be saved on your local system for later use. 
    • Photos may also be used in legal matters where the condition of the property may be disputed … so keep the photos.

I truly believe that good quality photos will make a difference to the marketing efforts of the agent. Sellers should also be guided by their agent to make sure that the property is “shoot ready”.

Who can benefit from quality interior & exterior property photos?

  1. Estate Agents
  2. Developers
  3. Sellers looking to sell privately
  4. Builders
  5. Contractors doing renovations, installations etc.
  6. Interior decorators
  7. Architects
  8. Home Owners not looking to sell but still want good quality photos for their own records or maybe for prints etc.

For more info, please feel free to email me at or just give me a call on 072 264 7806.