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Sharing photo love … one image at a time, and learning along the way.

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Welcome to my Photography site …

Hi, thank you for visiting my website where I will be sharing some of my favourite photos taken over the last couple of years.

Being a Real Estate Agent I wanted my stock to stand out from all the other listings, so I invested in some gear and spent time learning the basics of Real Estate Photography as well as getting to know the gear that I am using.

Soon my photos started looking really professional. The bug bit me and now I really enjoy photography, experimenting and taking photos of more than just properties as you will see on my website. All the photos and images on my site was taken by myself either with my camera or with my phone.

Phone technology has come a long way and especially for social media, photos taken with a cell phone at the right angle with some minor editing can look really amazing.

For fun, I also like to ride my mountain bike. The area where I stay has millions of trials and I just love being out in the open with my bike and my mates, exploring, riding, having coffee etc. All of the photos and videos taken while riding are done on to move, mostly, with my phone … … do not try this at home kids.

When I am not riding and there are local events or group rides happening, I will grab the camera to catch some of the action. Playing Paparazzi at events are quite cool …. trying to get some unique shots.

M-Pic Photography specializes in Real Estate Photography and is slowly but surely getting into small event photography, sporting and or social events. Brands, food, corporates, small businesses, venues, BnB’s & Air BnB’s …. the options are endless, anyone wanting to upgrade their websites and social media platforms / profiles with some new high-res good quality images can also contact me.

I love taking photos of luxury homes, buildings, people, pets, landscapes, sunsets and sunrises, sporting events, flowers, food, insects, birds …. the list goes on.

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